For Sale by Owner
2315 Maxwell Avenue

Brick home 1086 sq-ft (main floor), $148,500
tel: 303.990.2738

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Photo Gallery
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Front view,tree in front leafs out nicely and almost hides entire porch from view of the street.

Front yard from sidewalk. Large variety of plants here.

Garden just waking up from winter, in the summer this is solid green. Foreground is herb garden, behind that is large raspberry patch.

Herb garden and raspberry patch.

Driveway off alley. The aspens on the left leaf out fully and shade the south-facing windows from the sun, keeping the house nicely cool in the summer.

Single car garage. I've included the opener, but it needs to be installed.

View of the garage standing in the back yard. There is a nice rose that covers that window.

North side of the house, I've let virgina creeper cover the ground so no maintenance. Gutters will need repair or replacement.

Back yard on east side of house. Small yard, has nice tree, and aspen in the near corner. I planned on paving this with pavers and leaving a strip around the outside for garden, but never got to it. The fence has solid posts, but several boards need to be replaced.

Closeup of front yard, showing nice healthy oaks and variety of plants and grasses. All this leafs out nicely in the spring.

Front porch, note new windows, all maintenance free. All windows in the house have been replaced with energy efficient windows that tilt in for easy cleaning.

Standing in living room looking at dining room and entrance to kitchen.

This the front porch room, excellent for a few easy chairs and plants; its very sunny. All the curtains (custom made) will stay.

Another view of the porch. Note the nice woodwork, I started to remove the ugly varnish and that is partially done. It comes off easily with a heat gun.

In dining room looking into the kitchen and hallway. Note the left side of the doorway has the old varnish removed revealing gorgeous wood underneath. This is a quick job with a heat gun.

Living room with fireplace which has gas plumbed to it. Nice built in bookshelf.

Kitchen with all new cabinets and appliances...all included! Nice gas stove.

Bright kitchen with hardwood over the dishwasher.

Front bedroom, has small closet as is typical of these older homes.

Hallway closet which I rebuilt with period hardware.

Hallway looking into main bedroom.

Main bedroom with closet I rebuilt by moving the door and expanding it into the space above the stairs to the basement. This makes this a much more usable closet. I put an Elfa storage unit (included) in there.

In kitchen looking down into the basement.


Basement room, I will remove the furniture and leave the workbench.

New Lenox furnace installed a few years ago. Includes a humidifier.

Included washer and dryer, these are higher end units, very nice.

Second sort-of finished basement room.

Kitchen from basement staircase, has tons of cabinet space.

2315 Maxwell Ave Home | Photo Gallery | Spring Garden! | Floor Plans